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A backlight with Electroluminescence

Release date:2020-05-23 Click:

A backlight with Electroluminescence (EL) is ideal for IMD, Membrane Keypad, Membrane Switch backlighting.  They measure just 0.10mm thick and are flexible, so they suit even the smallest phones. They emit equal brightness across their entire surface while consuming just 20mA of power and remaining cool to the touch. With our efficient tooling process, we can develop your prototypes quickly and at low cost.


Backlight Feature:

Cool Lighting Heat-free

Uniform Emission

Thinnest Thickness (0.10mm)

 Lightly Weight

Lower Power Consumption

Thin Profile and Flexibility

Enduring Vibration and Impact

Multiple colors : blue, blue-green, green, white, ect.


Backlight Applications:

Intelligent transportation projects, operation, analysis and will provide technical support for customers, while responsible for the commissioning.

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