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  • Release date:2020-05-23
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Nowadays, the technology update and iteration in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics are very fast. From the era of analog signal to the era of digital signal, from the era of mechanical keys to the era of capacitive touch, a large number of high-tech products are displayed in front of every end consumer. Therefore, many products in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics need to use both beautiful and practical human-machine interface switch panel products with convenient and reliable performance, such as common touch film switch, film surface paste, film panel, capacitor induced film switch, film press key, film surface paste, and panel label for identification, etc. At present, engineers of customers in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics have been considering how to integrate and design a beautiful and suitable film switch / film button product into their terminal products when developing and designing a product.

We can develop and customize all kinds of large-scale film switches, various embossing shapes and heights of buttons, capacitor touch type film card tubes, LGF backlight film switches, and various film switch products combined with PCB / FPC / silica gel buttons / dropper / touch screen / LCD. We can follow the trend of cutting-edge technology to develop and design all kinds of high-end, personalized and market-oriented products for our customers. At the same time, we can also provide customers with a variety of value-added machine development and manufacturing services.

We also have our own SMT factory. At the same time, we can provide our customers with a series of one-stop solutions and value-added services, such as the development, design and manufacture of various semi-finished products and finished products.

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