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Application in the field of network communication


We not only provide membrane switches, but also provide customers with PCBA, semi-finished products and complete machine OEM manufacturing services. From plastic, hardware, wire, silica gel press, human-machine interface panel, display to complete product assembly and manufacturing. Network communication equipment
The instrument is closely related to our daily life. Film switches, film buttons, film panels and PCBA components are used in many equipment and instruments.
The film switch products are required, and reasonable suggestions are given from the aspects of selection, product structure, service life, etc. After the design is confirmed, Yufei engineer can design the final engineering effect drawing for the customer and open the mold for proofing until the customer is satisfied, and then mass production and manufacturing.





Our products include:

1) Front identification panel on network cabinet;

2) The silica gel button on the telephone and the internal PCBA control board;

3) Operation key panel and internal assembly circuit board on ATM;

4) Function key panel and internal PCBA function control panel on the vending machine;

5) Operation buttons on POS machine and internal PCBA control board;

6) Operation key panel of bank cipher

7) Identification panel on network switch;

8) Modem, membrane switch on satellite signal receiver, membrane panel, etc;


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