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Industrial control

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  • Release date:2020-05-23
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Industrial control field includes production equipment, electrical control module, automatic production line control panel, intelligent control module, frequency converter, etc. The man-machine interface products such as membrane switch applied in this field need to have good hand feeling and high reliability.

It is recommended to use membrane switch or silica gel key switch as the function operation control key panel on the equipment. The imported PET material with good chemical properties is used as the human-machine interface panel, PCB, FPC or pet printing line.

In addition, in consideration of night or dark environment, membrane switch or silicon key switch can be designed as backlight. The backlight technology of LGF + LED can not only obtain the uniform luminous effect, but also ensure the service life of membrane switch products.

In addition, in the field of industrial control, membrane switch is often used as control display in combination with touch screen and LCD. With a hundred level dust-free and anti-static workshop, laminating machine and defoamer, we can provide you with the value-added service of OCA laminating assembly of membrane switch, touch screen and LCD to meet your one-stop needs.



In addition, in the field of industrial control, silica gel key and silica gel key switch are often used as a solution. Because of its special characteristics, such as soft hand feel, dirt resistance, oil resistance, high life, but also radium carving light. However, silicone buttons can't be customized like pet, but they can still be spray printed with some common solid colors to meet most of the requirements for character patterns.

The pet line, PCB line or FPC line can also be pressed under the silica gel button. Silica gel can also be designed to wrap the following circuit parts to improve the waterproof performance of the whole silica gel key switch module. The rubber cap can also be added to the silica gel key to further improve the friction resistance of the printed characters on the key, which is commonly known as the P + R structure.

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