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Aeronautics and astronautics

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  • Release date:2020-05-23
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Aerospace and military field is a special field, and the requirements for products are also quite high. The safety, stability, reliability and durability of products are very important. In addition, it also needs to be waterproof, corrosion-resistant, UV resistant, able to maintain normal operation in extremely harsh climate,

For example, hot environment, low temperature and high humidity environment, high salinity environment, rainy days, chemical sites, oil pollution environment, high pressure environment and so on. The application of membrane switch products is required for ships and yachts sailing at sea, aircraft flying in the air and tanks, vehicles, instruments and equipment in the battlefield

It has very high reliability and stability. There are solutions and suggestions for the application in this industry:







1) 薄膜开关、薄膜按键产品:

    1.1) 面材必须是高品质的抗腐蚀,抗UV的进口PET材料;

    1.2) 整个薄膜开关产品结构必须要满足IP65或者是NEMA-4甚至更高的标准;

    1.3) 线路部分需要采用更高可靠性的FPC或者PCB线路,而不要采用印刷银线的PET线路;

    1.4) 薄膜开关装配到客户端的设备上后需要封住所有开口;

    1.5) 做好日常检查,一旦发现任何功能失效问题需要立即更换新品以防止潜在的危险发生; 

2) 硅胶按键开关:

    2.1) 采用高品质进口硅胶原料;

    2.2) 采用二次硫化工艺;

    2.3) 硅胶按键周边需要设计成包边结构,将下面的线路部分包裹在里面;

    2.4) 采用FPC或者PCB线路,而不要采用PET线路;

    2.5) 硅胶按键表面需要进行PU喷涂处理;

    2.6) 薄膜开关装配到客户端的设备上后需要封住所有开口;  

    2.7) 做好日常检查,一旦发现任何功能失效问题需要立即更换新品以防止潜在的危险发生;








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